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White patches on skin is called leucoderma. It is always considered as a contagious disease in the society. People have a myth that it cannot be cured.The main reason for this is unsuccessful result of alopathy medicines. This disease does not occur by eating food together, living together neither it is a heredetary problem but it might be possible one might one in thousand cases where members of same family are affected by it. At present at the international level and in India itself crores of people are affected from Leucoderma.


The main reason is lack of melanin pigment in the skin.

This is caused due to disorder of auto immune system in the body so that melonocyte cells does not able to produce melanin pigment. Treatment Procedure

According to this method while consuming the medicines, first of all white patches stop growing. Regular consumption of medicines results into change of skin colour as melanin pigment automatically start forming in the body.
After two or three months pigmentation starts appearing and again after a few months white patches slowly and steadily intermingle with the normal skin colour. During this treatment two types of medicines are given to the patient. First is to take the medicine orally and second is oil to be applied directly on the white patches area .Sun bath is also advisable for fast results.This way neither bearing pain of surgery nor admitting to hospital as well as at nominal cost, one can get rid of white spots.
This treatment has no side effect.

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