Why to Choose

So why would you choose Non-Surgical hair replacement over other treatment for Male/Female Pattern baldness? 

  • The first and most obvious reason is for a lot of Men and Women, other roots such as using minoxidal or finesteride etc or other stream of medicine do not work. So, if they can’t generate hair re-growth via medical root, non-surgical hair replacement is the best option. Of course in these sort of cases Non-Surgical hair replacement is not only option they could try surgery(Transplantation),however for many Men/Women who have Male/Female Pattern baldness surgery is the last resort, one reason for this  is many people just do not want to have surgery unless it is absolutely successful.
  • Another reason is in surgery existing hair is taken and placed around the baldness area, therefore the success of surgery depends on enough existing hair to be able to move from the donor area. There is also danger that, if you continue to loose hair in the future you need further surgery which will once again deplete the hair in the donor area, therefore surgery is not a sustainable treatment.

Please remember that the only real solution for a full head of hair is a Non-Surgical hair replacement system.

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